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Be Creative! Want to upgrade your shades? Create a sophisticated atmosphere? Or use quirky colors in your surroundings? LampShades Dubai gives you the solution that you need to succeed. We create the perfect lighting for your home, office, and even your favorite restaurant and hotel.

LampShades Dubai was born in the shade of an umbrella, when two friends discussed the need for high quality and colorful lampshades in the region. Spurred on by her friend, Lisa decided to launch the GCC’s first online shop offering the selection of high calibre lampshades that the Middle East really deserves.

Lisa is an experienced interior designer based in Dubai since 2005. Her loyal clientele continues to give her the privilege of creating residential, commercial and retail spaces that are distinctive wherein you and others feel comfortable to live and work in.


The lampshades was the best investment I ever made. It really looks beautiful amidst the indoor plants at my villa. I STRONGLY recommend EVERYONE to just pick one up! Thank You Lisa!

Lisa Durante