Metallic Copper Fabric Cable

30.00 AED

30.00 AED

Design your pendant feature with one of our coloured fabric cables. Our metallic copper fabric cable is the perfect match to our lampshades and can be used as a replacement to your old cable or in a new installation.
  • Double insulation under the braid
  • 2 core cable: live & neutral
  • Made in Europe
  • Sold per meter 1m – 20m uncut
  • Diameter: 6.2mm 2 x 0.75


Technical Specifications: 
FRRTX 300 / 300V 2×0.75
Flex Round Cable DOUBLE INSULATION under textile braid.

CEI 20-20 CEI 20-35 RoHS
Diameter: 6.2 mm 2×0.75

This product complies with all European safety regulations.


10MTR, 12MTR, 15MTR, 18MTR, 1MTR, 20MTR, 2MTR, 3MTR, 5MTR, 8MTR