Red outdoor fabric cable Our Outdoor Fabric Cables can be used in any outdoor lighting design, with or without our outdoor lampshades.


Our attractive outdoor fabric cables are ideal to design your outdoor living space. They can be used individually or together with our outdoor lampshades.
  • Made of a flexible red copper electrolytic conductor with a double elastomeric rubber coating which makes it suitable for temperatures from -25 ° to + 60 °.
  • The silk effect fabric coating will give you a touch of color to your outdoor environments.
  • The elastomeric rubber also provides extra flexibility, flame and oil resistance.
  • A cable out of the ordinary with a high performance.
  • 100% made in Europe.


30.00 AED600.00 AED


Cable 3×0.75 in H05RN-F rubber coated in fabric.
Diameter 6,6mm 3×0,75.

Reference standard EN 50525-2-21.

European Low Voltage Directive No. 2014/35 / EU.

Class 5 copper electrolytic flexible conductor, conforming to IEC 60228.
Insulation Elastomeric rubber EI 4 conforming to EN 50363-1.
Insulation color in accordance with the requirements of HD 402 and EN 50525-1.
External sheath Elastomeric rubber EM 2 conforming to EN 50363-2-1.
Red Sheath Color.

This product complies with all European safety regulations.


10m, 1m, 20m, 3m, 5m

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